How we help

IT Consulting

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience of information technology and how we translate that to benefit your business.

Audits and Assessments

We conduct comprehensive network audits that cover network configuration and security, servers and functions, data protection, and detailed specifications on all systems. Our audit will help determine, and provide clarity on, the way your IT systems operate. The information on systems and networks, and any issues with recommendations to resolve, can be used to assist with short-and long-term planning to keep your IT environment functioning optimally.

Disaster Recovery

We know from experience that the value of a backup system is proven when it’s time to recover. We assist businesses in analysing their backups and their ability to recover systems’ functionality. We design and provide backup systems that allow for full and rapid recovery of systems’ functionality with minimised downtime and expense. We advise and implement internet-based (cloud) services and solutions with built-in redundancy to ensure your business doesn’t suffer downtime or data loss needlessly.

Infrastructure Architecture

Firewalls, VLANs, VPNs, SANs, remote access, cloud services, backups, physical and virtual servers . . . Every business, whether they know or not, has some component of these as part of their functioning IT operations. We live and breathe this technology, and design, explain, and implement solutions that fit your budget and business requirements.

Project Implementation and Management

A well thought out plan, timely execution, and excellent communication, are key to successful implementations of IT projects. We assist businesses to avoid the pitfalls and minimise the disruptions when relocating, implementing, and migrating to new systems.

Virtualisation and Consolidation

We love to run more on less. Virtualisation is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something. We can make many physical servers run and appear on the network, as they were before virtually, but on less actual server hardware. Consolidation is reducing or combining many things down into less. We can analyse duplicated services or under-utilised resources, and consolidate them onto remaining servers. We can analyse a business IT environment to advise and implement simple or smart solutions to reduce the number of servers and the costs associated with maintaining and managing them.

IT Support

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide complete and professional information technology services on which your business can depend.

Helpdesk and Service Desk

An ideal solution for a client is to have your issue resolved when you call for assistance. This is more likely to be the case when a systems engineer answers the phone, with the experience, documentation, and remote management tools at their disposal, to work the issue. If the problem cannot be resolved immediately, the job is logged in a ticketing system, which the customer, engineer, and manager can view to track progress, until resolution. We provide the professionalism, in terms of systems, experience, and communication, to ensure issues are solved in a manner that will meet your service expectations.

User, Device, and Application Support

We provide support of computers, printers, mobile devices, the applications that run on them, and assist users with the issues they face while using them. Whether it is troubleshooting and repairing software or hardware issues, or upgrading, or installing and setting up new devices or applications, we handle all these traditional areas and expectations of what IT support is. We understand that for some, getting a new computer is more of a disruption than a pleasure, which is why we always aim to minimise the disturbance, and ensure that within the bounds of a new system, that devices and applications operate, and user data still exists, as it did before.

Systems and Network Administration

When the problems get tough, you call in the people who find pleasure in analysing servers for performance bottlenecks, or like to sniff the network for bad packets. That’s iTOPS. We know great systems administration is more than just advanced troubleshooting skills; it’s also about possessing the communication and project management skills to ensure that systems-related projects run to plan and budget. Sometimes, the item that sets a great administrator apart is a methodical approach, whether setting up new user accounts and email in a standardised way, developing and testing a simple script, or running through a troubleshooting process to isolate the root cause of an issue.

We provide install, support, maintenance, and migration services for all leading servers (HP, IBM, Dell), associated devices (SANs, backup hardware), operating systems (Microsoft Windows Server, Small Business Server, VMware, Linux), and the applications that commonly run on those (email, internet services, SQL databases, SharePoint, backup systems, Active Directory, DHCP, DNS). We also assist businesses with the administration of their line of business or associated applications, for example accountancy, legal or medical. If it is technical, we can read and learn it, and we speak the same language to the application vendors, to ensure it works within your business.

We design, install and support networks, whether setting up internet access, remote access to company data while on-the road, site-to-site links and virtual private networks (VPNs), public and private wireless networks, or firewalls with advanced configurations supporting multiple networks. We document and diagram everything we do, so whoever supports it can troubleshoot any issues with minimum fuss and delay.

Monitoring and Maintenance

It’s best to detect IT problems early and prevent them becoming issues for your business. We proactively monitor systems by installing software agents on them that report on system status to a centralised dashboard. This allows us to identify any problems, and resolve them, before they become an issue. We proactively maintain systems, for example by installing advised security updates, before the lack of those security updates allows your system to be compromised.

Systems and Data Recovery

We are lucky, or unlucky, dependent on your perspective, being based in Christchurch, to have lived through disaster recovery. We believe it is healthy to live in slight fear of one day having to actually recover a server or many server systems. We know what does and doesn’t work when it comes to recovering systems and data quickly. It’s one thing to backup; it’s another thing to recover. We design and implement backup and recovery systems, and support and monitor them, on an ongoing basis. We can also assist in data recovery for those unfortunate companies, which have encountered failed hard drives without a backup system in place


It doesn’t take much additional effort to practise safe computing. We know that businesses can save a lot of pain by making changes as simple as renaming an administrative account or changing a default password. We conduct security audits to analyse firewalls, servers, and desktops/laptops for security issues. We design and implement firewalls, antivirus and centralised security update deployment systems. We monitor your system on an ongoing basis for issues and provide routine managed installation of security updates.


Recent years and too many earthquakes have given us considerable experience in relocations! We can smoothly relocate all of your IT equipment and internet links between offices or relocate your backend IT infrastructure into a data centre.

Email Administration

The email has to get through! We set up in-house and cloud-based email and spam-filtering solutions. We can migrate your existing email system from one server solution to another server solution or to a cloud-based system without disruptions to mail flow. We routinely troubleshoot difficult email delivery and receipt issues, and can isolate exactly where the problem lies. We know what the best practises are for successful email delivery and receipt through spam-filtering systems and apply them as a standard. Daily, we administer systems in terms of email account creation/deletion, distribution lists, shared mailboxes, send of behalf rights, and the additional advanced requirements a company may have for email.

IT Services

We value the advanced design, reliability, and support of market-leading cloud services and products, and their ability to decrease overall information-technology costs to your business.

Cloud Services

We have been implementing and using cloud based services since our business was founded in 2006. One reason, for the great service we’re able to offer our clients, is based around our own adoption, of best of breed cloud based systems, within our own business. We can support, and work with the systems, of a vast array of providers. Some of the current key systems we implement and support:

Cloud Services – Office Productivity – Microsoft Office 365

This is a group of software plus services subscriptions that provides productivity software and related services to its subscribers. For business and enterprise users, Office 365 offers plans including e-mail and social networking services through hosted versions of Exchange Server, Lync, SharePoint and Office Online, integration with Yammer, accessed through the internet, as well as access to the Office software to be installed on devices. There are various plans with different parts of Office 365 offered.
As a Microsoft Partner with Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency we can advise on whether Office 365 is the right fit for your business requirements, what plans and options and services, and provide the professional services to setup, integrate, and migrate your business from existing systems.

Cloud Computing – Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, is a collection of integrated services – analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web – for moving faster, achieving more, and saving money.

As a Microsoft Partner and Cloud Solutions Provider, we setup, integrate, and resell services based on Microsoft Azure. A great example of how we leverage this technology, is in the provision of a server platform to run a line of business application, such as a financial or legal application, in order to avoid replacing and running a physical server within an office environment.

Cloud Data Backups and Replication

Back up data on desktops or servers directly over your internet connection, removing the need for manually taking media offsite daily.

We implement, and resell, an online backup solution, using Storegate backup software on office systems, backing up over an internet connection to HP managed datacentre storage.

  • 10GB       $23.95/month
  • 50GB       $33.95/month
  • 100GB     $65.95/month
  • 250GB   $155.95/month

We implement and provision online replication of encrypted ShadowProtect backups from server systems to our offsite storage. We also monitor these replications as part of our clients monitoring contracts.

  • 1TB        $100.00/month

IT Product Procurement

We streamline the product purchasing process, help you save money, and take the hassle out of procurement.

We provide product advice, and supply, for all major hardware and software products. Using New Zealand’s largest technology focused distributors to ensure we can get the right product at the best price. We tailor the choice of products, to the business requirement and budget, and provide the convenience of a one-stop shop, and door to door delivery, with competitive prices. By considering, and maintaining, consistency in the implementation of technology products within the business we ensure your business IT environment is less complex and therefore more cost effective to support.

Voice over IP Services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a methodology and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet. Traditionally, these services, were only available from a very limited number of large telecommunications companies, using expensive and dedicated fixed copper lines. Now, we can integrate both your voice and data networks, over a single network and internet connection, to utilise 2Talk, a leading cloud based voice provider.


Why change? To get better for less.

A Business Go Plan allowing for up to 10 DDIs / Toll-free numbers and 10 concurrent calls is $80 per month and includes:

  • Local minutes included – 12000 (approx. 550 minutes per business day)
  • National minutes included – 5000 (approx. 230 minutes per business day)
  • Mobile minutes included – 100 (approx. 4 minutes per business day)

Calls above the bundled plan are priced at:

  • Local – 2c per minute
  • National – 3c per minute
  • Mobile – 19c per minute*

*Add-on a mobile minute’s bundle, such as NZ Mobile 1000, for $70 per month, to reduce the mobile minutes rate to 7c per minute.

The systems we implement include all the traditional functionality of a good business phone system, such as Interactive Voice Response, Hunt Groups, Voicemail, Conferencing, Caller ID, plus functions such as Voicemail to Email, Three-way Calling.

With 2Talk, your business has a direct billing relationship with the supplier. You can login via their portal to see billing status and details and also change system setup, change billing address, and payment details and plans. We provide you the flexibility and savings of a direct relationship with 2Talk – at their wholesale advertised rates. We will take care of all the initial setup of a VoIP solution and provide assistance with any additional future support requirements.

Get in touch with us to find out more about the different plans and offerings, and how we can enable this technology, within your business.

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