Why Us

We believe that above anything else, the most important thing when working with an IT services provider is the quality and the values of its people.

Beyond good people who are always professional, clients deserve appropriate processes, best practises, and the correct tools that complete each job quickly and easily. iTOPS embodies these principles.

Our Process

Information Technology changes rapidly. Businesses that recognise the value of improving their productivity and competitiveness know that IT systems are evolutionary and need to be managed accordingly. A solution deemed industry standard five years ago should not be assumed the correct solution when refreshing technology today.


Audit or assess the environment, and discuss issues, business requirements, and future plans with stakeholders.


Analyse the existing-environment audit or assessment, and analyse the issues and requirements. Then with an understanding of current and new technologies, and an understanding of the growth and nature of the business, provide recommendations and options on IT solutions that suit the business.


Purchase, receive or sign-up, and then setup the proposed solution, and migrate from the old to the new solution in a well-communicated and managed process with minimised business disruption.


On-going monitoring and management of the solution, as required by the client throughout its lifecycle.

Our Practises


It has nothing to do with the IT industry specifically, but it’s the soft skills, that support is reachable and courteous, and the service prompt. It’s that the client is the most important part of our business. It’s that jobs are managed in a manner that they don’t fall through the cracks. It’s that when we say something is done, we check with the client that they regard it as completed satisfactorily.


The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is an information technology management framework that provides practices for information technology services management, IT development, and IT operations. With focus and awareness of ITIL, we can improve IT service delivery and efficiency in your organisation through implementation of best practices.


It’s so fundamental to document IT systems and passwords that it’s often surprising to see many companies don’t provide this. Quality-systems documentation allows support engineers to quickly gain, or refresh, an understanding of an environment, and to better allow a timely fix to any the issue. Systems documentation allows management to verify fundamental points, such as their understanding of a backup-and-recovery system matches that which the IT providers lead them to believe. It’s one thing to say something; it’s another to document it.

Our Tools

We use leading toolsets designed specifically for IT service providers. Our investment in these tools, and in the implementation of them within our business, helps us deliver services in an exceptional manner to your organisation.

Client Portal

We use an advanced platform to ensure that your jobs are managed every step of our workflow from submitted to final resolution. We can track jobs according to service level agreements. We can automatically report back to you every step of the process. You can easily raise new jobs or view and update your company’s jobs through our web interface.

Remote Support

Within seconds, you click on our Quick Support link, and then provide us with the generated security ID and password, which allows us to remote control your computer. It’s as if we’re sitting in front of your computer, and you can show and tell us exactly what the issue is, and then, as we’re already virtually there, we have the ability to solve your issue immediately.

Always-on Remote Access

We maintain secure connections to our client servers and networks via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypted connections. This allows us to easily double check issues, provide system administration, and complete day-to-day operations in a timely and efficient manner.


We proactively monitor systems by installing software agents on them that report on system status to a centralised dashboard. We monitor the dashboard every day to identify any issues, with a view to resolve them, before they become a problem, which could cause downtime within the business.

Our Partners

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Murray Lemon, Former Director, Southern Viking